Entrusting the infrastructure of your most critical online facilities to the right engineer is a big decision. Balancing reliability needs, cost and operational objectives is crucial to the success of any mission critical project. Owners, contractors and engineers all understand the large investment required to design, build, test and commission a mission critical facility. At FXB we focus on implementing a cost-effective design approach while maximizing reliability, maintainability and efficiency. It is important to apply these basic principles when assessing client needs:

  • Understand the client’s present and future needs
  • Keep the design simple yet robust
  • Focus on scalability when practical to offset first costs
  • Utilize industry proven standards and design techniques
  • Assign to your project only professionals with extensive experience in mission critical design
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Balance long term operating costs with initial costs
  • Recognizing that change happens daily, owners must have their engineering firms implement the most efficient and flexible infrastructure solutions available.

At the same time, building owners must work to control the complexity, costs and solutions associated with today’s mission-critical buildings. The challenge is for owners to encourage innovation and service while allowing engineers to provide solutions that work for today’s high-tech tenants. Engineering firms, like ours, can balance reliability and cost while providing flexibility to support unpredictable future needs in mission-critical facilities.