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HVAC in K-12 Projects

K-12 schools are becoming just as advanced as colleges and universities in design.

Meet challenging HVAC needs in K-12 buildings:

Induction chilled-beam design for HVAC installation is an option for a school that does not have cooling or mechanical ventilation. In conjunction with wall-mounted induction units, dedicated outdoor-air units can handle the total latent load of the building. This type of system allows the school to remove the existing unit ventilators and provide a system that is energy-efficient and improves indoor-air quality. Furthermore, it has minimal impact because the ductwork is being minimized.

Unique requirements in K-12 buildings:

Flexible-use spaces can vary in type of use and number of people (auditorium/cafeteria, gym/large event area, etc.). These nonspecific-use spaces create design options that must be carefully coordinated to meet expectations.

Schools and the learning environment have a critical focus on noise. The design must take into account solutions for sound attenuation. It is critical to mitigation noise without disrupting education.

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