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The Faena Saxony hotel is known as one of the first luxury resorts on Miami beach notable for its luxurious rooms and exceptional views. December launched the vision and expansion of a high-end, high rise condominium featuring stunning displays by contemporary artist Damien Hirst. One of these displays is estimated to be valued at $20M and presents a gold leaf guilded, full size skeleton of a wooly mammoth encased in a climate controlled custom glass display placed directly on the prominent Miami shore front.

Pursuing the partnership theme with local Linwood, PA manufacturing facility New Hudson Facades (NHF) which opened early 2015, FXB successfully designed the environmental control and lighting systems for NHF’s custom display. This unique project involved meeting strict temperature and humidity conditions along with planning a lighting system that performs the aesthetic functions desired while considering preservation of the Florida coastal wildlife. All of these systems were designed and shipped to the field in less than three weeks, avoiding costly delays to the overall construction schedule. FXB is excited the unveiling of the display was a huge success and was proud to be a part of launch in late December.


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