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Thermography has been utilized a key early detection tool for many years over a wide variety of industries. Since the 1980’s, the use of this technology in the commercial building sector has grown due to its unrivaled ability to identify vulnerable electrical equipment or connections, which if left undetected, would result in costly repairs and operational downtime. Skilled thermographers can provide valuable site assessments on nearly every building component that can be utilized by facility management teams to create effective preventative maintenance programs. In some cases, awareness of this proven technology has been realized by insurance underwriters through reduced premium offerings to customers who pursue electrical thermographic surveys.

Choosing the right team to perform these non-invasive surveys is the first step in realizing the benefit of this time proven service. Improper thermal tuning may lead to misinterpretation of thermographic images and can be a costly mistake leading to premature replacement reports or overlooked subtle differences that can reduce the effectiveness of a program. FXB combines the extensive building system knowledge of professional engineers with the thoroughness of certified field technicians to oer turnkey solutions which can satisfy any thermal imaging needs.

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Mother Nature has the extreme power to bring beautiful summer days but also natural disasters. She also has the power to force change and raise awareness. It is critical to be proactive by wisely implementing lessons learned that help facility owners and operators prepare for future disasters. FXB Engineering believes it is imperative to help optimize the way owners manage their buildings to reduce interruptions during these stressful times

Waiting until the devastation occurs limits a facility owner’s ability to respond eciently. Relying on the local utility company to restore services may take days or weeks depending on the severity of the storm and is subject to their regional priorities. Installing back up generators along with implementing proper preventative maintenance procedures on electrical and mechanical equipment ensures continued operation of your facility while these recovery eorts are underway. If these processes are in place and documented before a storm or disaster hits, sta and engineers are familiar with the systems and can respond immediately with emergency support.

Where is my facility exposed to failure?
While identifying exactly when a storm or other disaster will hit and to what degree is unrealistic, a Risk Assessment can identify potential points of failure within a variety of building systems in the event that they do. This process develops a list of recommended corrective actions that can be turned over to a management team for budgeting and scheduling.

How much of a nancial investment do I need to make?
Developing a cost/benet analysis is necessary to determine the most economical ways to mitigate against future loss. An engineer will help decision makers understand the importance of specic building systems as related to the unique operational characteristics of a business and assist in prioritizing corrective actions accordingly. Typically, reactive measures during the emergency situation are signicantly more expensive than the preventative actions that can be taken before a disaster occurs.

Are these preventative measures required by regulatory entities?
Existing codes are subpar when it relates to disaster planning assuch they do not always typically require building owners implement preventative measures. However, as the impact of storms is increasing on our advancing communities, insurance companies along with enforcement agencies are becoming more aware of the importance of preventative measures and increasing their standards accordingly. FXB is committed to working with building owners and property managers to assess their needs and guide them through the development of a risk management program.

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The Faena Saxony hotel is known as one of the first luxury resorts on Miami beach notable for its luxurious rooms and exceptional views. December launched the vision and expansion of a high-end, high rise condominium featuring stunning displays by contemporary artist Damien Hirst. One of these displays is estimated to be valued at $20M and presents a gold leaf guilded, full size skeleton of a wooly mammoth encased in a climate controlled custom glass display placed directly on the prominent Miami shore front.

Pursuing the partnership theme with local Linwood, PA manufacturing facility New Hudson Facades (NHF) which opened early 2015, FXB successfully designed the environmental control and lighting systems for NHF’s custom display. This unique project involved meeting strict temperature and humidity conditions along with planning a lighting system that performs the aesthetic functions desired while considering preservation of the Florida coastal wildlife. All of these systems were designed and shipped to the field in less than three weeks, avoiding costly delays to the overall construction schedule. FXB is excited the unveiling of the display was a huge success and was proud to be a part of launch in late December.


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FXB Engineering is supporting the construction of a new 180,000 SF state of-the-art manufacturing facility.

In the summer of 2014, FXB Engineering, a leading MEP consulting firm, was selected to provide MEP design services for the New Hudson Facades facility. In addition to FXB, the design-build team includes Granum a/i, Tamora Construction, Inc. and local subcontractors. The project is currently in the final phases of construction and preparing for tenant occupation.

New Hudson Facades is a manufacturer of high end, fine metal and glass products for commercial, residential, healthcare, educational and retail industries. The company is anticipated to generate 168 new jobs locally as a continued effort to bring the manufacturing industry back to the U.S.

Lawrence H. Ulmer, Principal at FXB Engineering states, “FXB is proud to be a part of New Hudson Façade’s tremendous growth and expansion. Being a local resident, I am pleased to hear of the much-needed job opportunities expected for the area. FXB has always found it beneficial to partner with the local construction teams and this project is a great example of that effort.”

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FXB Engineering Announces Implementation of a Solar Generating Plant for St. Thomas, USVI that will provide up to 5% of the Islands Energy Source.

FXB Engineering promotes their continued engineering services to The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority. “FXB implemented a new 34.5kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) located in a Power Distribution Center (PDC) to tie in the 4.2 MW of solar power into VIWAPA’s transmission system. We are excited to be a part of this project. The newly installed solar farm will provide 4-5% of the Islands current base load capacity during daylight hours.

This project required a robust double bus 34.5kV GIS design with primary and backup protection for the transmission lines in order to maintain a high level of reliability on VIWAPA’s transmission system,” states Peter J. Bonnes, P.E., President at FXB Engineering. The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority and Main Street Power Company hosted dedication ceremonies last month for the new solar power generation plant. The new facility was tested and peaked at 4.2MW. WAPA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Hugo V. Hodge, Jr. said, “the addition of the solar farm and a similar installation on St. Croix, which was dedicated in 2014, continues the authority’s effort to diversify its generation resources.”

For more information see article in Electrical Construction and Maintenance, March 12, 2015, WAPA, Main Street Power and Morgan Stanley Commission Solar Photovoltaic Project.


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FXB Engineering, a leading provider of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering services, announces expansion in the new office space, located at 5 Christy Drive, Suite 307, Chadds Ford, PA 19317.

This expansion will provide a 40% increase in capacity for engineering and design services, customer support and leadership functions across the company. “FXB’s new office space will allow us to increase our capabilities in key areas that align with our current and future growth plans. This additional office space will allow us to expand our core teams to support the growth we are experiencing while giving us dedicated facilities to accommodate operations and other activities.” said Jeremy C. Gill, VP/COO of FXB Engineering. “Our team is excited about the growth as it represents a commitment to our customers and success that our team has accomplished.”