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  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for energy conservation measures (ECM’s)
  • Lack of technical expertise to implement ECM’s
  • Lack of certainty that the estimated savings will actually be recognized
  • Concern the Return on Investment (ROI) doesn’t meet the required minimum payback period
  • Insufficient allocated capital

Tear Down the Barriers:

AWARENESS: Educate yourself on the energy savings opportunities in their buildings. Do a quick MEP study.
EXPERTISE: Offer to support your client as a Turnkey approach to implementing ECM’s.
CERTAINTY: Offer the use of a reputable and proven industry standard analysis techniques and offer testimonials.
ROI: Implement the “low hanging fruit” first. Also consider reduced maintenance cost, increased employee production, comfort, and rising energy costs.
CAPITAL: Utilize incentives, rebates, low interest loans and new tax structures.